Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bye Bye old Blue!!

Something new has happened to us!!! We have been talking about getting a couch and we thought we would wait until the beginning of next year. The couch we had was falling apart and very uncomfortable sit on. We found an amazing deal on a couch set with a sofa, love seat, coffee table and two end tables. So Sunday we went to the store and we found the set that we wanted, and we made sure we liked it. We showed the ad to the guy. Thank God that I printed the ad off. The store discontinued the deal. But since it was still on their website they had to give it to us. The set is coming on Thursday. But first we had to get rid of the blue couch we had. Travis said that he wanted to tear it up and dump it.  So he did...

I can't believe he did.  That couch is in the dumpster!  He tore it up last night since he has gaming night tonight.  
-Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Two weeks!

I am going to get better at this, mark my words.  Yesterday I was talking to my mom and she happen to be on her laptop and was looking at blogger.  She goes what has peanut's heart been up too.  I automatically start hiding even if she can't see me.  I know I haven't been posting for a few weeks.  Well here it goes....

 On the 13th of August before Travis left for work he hug me goodbye and said "I found a amazing deal on a computer."  He told me all about, came in a bundle and it had everything he wanted.  I told him he can get it.  "He says I will order tonight if I meant to have they will still be in stock."  He goes to work, we both have Google chat open.  Couple hours later he writes ok got my computer order.  I just laughed, if anyone knows my husband he is good about doing what he says his going to do.  It is nice to see that their is a line some where.  Travis tracked his packages all week long.  Every other Friday I go grocery shopping and that week happen to land on grocery day, and marked the day his computer was coming.  Friday comes I am also wanting this package to get here soon I don't have to fight the traffic and crowds.   (Because that was the day all the college students came.  I did hit all the yucky stuff.  It took me about 1 1/2 longer to do stuff.)  Usually Ups man comes at 10:30.  So when 10:30 came I told him that the door bell rang.  He says "really?"  I had so much fun saying the word "NO."  My husband likes playing tricks on me so I had so much fun for once getting him back.  He didn't come tell 1:30 that afternoon.  Went shopping, unload the car, picked up Travis.  When got home he went straight to work.  It took him about 3 hours to put it all together.  It was so funny watching him put it together.

I wish I took a before picture of this next product I am going to show you.   My mother in law Jen gave me this kitchen storage for my silverware.  (Thank you again Jen I love it.)  I decide to make it pop out more in the kitchen.

I warped Black ribbon around the handle.  Then I took red ribbon and cut stripes and knotted them up the sides.  I think it turned out super cute.  What do you think?

-I have a lot more to take about but this is it for now.  Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lazy weekend

About a week or two ago I showed my husband a picture of head board using a curtain and a curtain rod.  He though that was so neat that we decided to do it.  Here is how it turned out....
Our house is getting a little bit more put together.  Our bedroom is pretty much done, now I just need to work on the living room.  I have at least four projects that need to be done in their.  Hopefully I can get two of them done soon.  

This weekend was a wonderful weekend with my man.  We went to The Dark Knight Rises and it was a great movie, then we went to hvyee,  we stoped at a garage sale on our corner of our street and we bought a nice desk for $5,  Travis is going to make us computers at some point so he need a desk, we just couldn't pass that deal up. He rolled the desk our place, had launch, watched Serenity the Firefly movie, (I love the firefly series but do not get me started on that movie!),  Then we moved everything out from under the stairs so we can put my new desk under their. 

Sunday I doped off stuff to goodwill.  I would like to apologize to this good will.  I told everyone I didn't like this good will.  But I gave it a second chance it is the best goodwill I have EVER been too.   It is very clean, their clothing is organized by size and color, and it is really organize.  I am sorry again good will.  I love second hand stores.  Most of the goodwill's that I been in to had nothing but junk and dirty.  I guess when I go in to one I just have that mind set.  I bought four new tops their.  Then we came home, eat our pizza and watched Employee of the Month.  That was about it for our weekend.
~Enjoy this wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello is it me your looking for....

Sorry for the long break.  We had family come up and surprise Travis and then we went to Iowa to see our family.  We be really busy trying to get back to the swing of things.  I have there products to show you.

1) We have been organizing our tiny pantry.  Before we just been throwing things in their and at the end of the day who knows whats in their.  We bought a soda pop can holder for the cans and baskets for the little stuff.  I was left with the freezer bags, sandwich bags bocks, etc....  My wonderful husband came up with this idea
He took two bungee cords and strap the hooks to the self.  We did this to do two shelf's. One for the bigger bags and one for the smaller bags.

2) Well my whole family knows I have a mirror with six pictures frames on it I never changed one of the original pre package pictures.  I had this frame for about five years now.  So it became this joke that they where my cousins.  People would ask me how they where doing.  It is the picture in the middle on the bottom row.

Now it looks like this!

3)  Missing sock board.  I have been seeing this go around pinterst and I finally made one out of two ideas.
     Now that you have seen both products....

I just used the saying of Department of Missing Socks from the second project.  I used it because it remind me of Harry Potter.  I just glued the ribbon on the cookie sheet instead of putting wholes in it.  I will someday decorate the clothes pins.   

-I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.